GIT is one of the longest playing, consistently active clans ever to have graced Wormnet. We have had at least 4 people playing the game almost every single night for at least 16 years.

It started out with like-minded players communicating in text form and meeting up regularly to play clan games against various opposition. we had a lot of fun and developed our own brand of humour ( remember then? ), it was great to be included and involved. Time moved on and members came and went, but a core group of players never stopped. We have been blessed with the ability to cross over to all parts of the world and share our ways with many different cultures.

The game itself moved on with the inclusion of various patches and upgrades, but unfortunately the main clanning league (CL2K) ran into a few problems and the members became more and more fragmented with nothing left to bond them.

The GITs at the moment are Worms Armageddon based but enjoy doing other things as well. That may be just hanging on TeamSpeak and chatting or playing music to each other or maybe even just giving details about their wives/girlfriends sexual habits (usually involving a horse), or just reminiscing in general. The main thing is that they are making an effort to be in GIT and move in whatever direction the clan goes.

The way it works at the moment is this:

Members who are willing to, tend to open themselves up a little and use Team Speak almost every night, join in with the conversations and find a game with their regular mates. The advantage to this is that you are very rarely left without someone of a similar mentality to play with and has the added effect of bonding and educating us all in the ways and nuances of people from all over the globe.


We are always open to new people joining in with us and we can be found on Teamspeak. We do not however participate in any clan leagues as we prefer our own company and if you think you can handle our sense of humour then pop over and take a look at may just find a friend for life.

(People under the age of 15 will not be accepted.........people with the mental age of a 5 year old will be warmly greeted)